About the project

About the project

     Regardless of age, social status, or any other reference factor, sport should be a common element that links us in society. In addition to the benefits on the mind and body that sport has, through sports activities we develop socializing skills, inter-human relationships, and connection. We consider sport as a good source of nonformal learning that helps the individual to develop physically and mentally with the community he belongs to.

     Through the SportSense project, we want to improve the collaboration of people in the community by creating sports events for the blind, thus building a bridge between this category of people and the rest of the community. The vision of the project is to build the bridge and provide the chance for the blind people to better integrate into the community through sport.

     The aim of the SportSense project is to build a connection between society and the communities of people with visual disabilities through sport.

SportSense Objectives:

  • Involvement in sports activities a total of 100 persons with visual disabilities, coming from Romania, Poland, Hungary, Portugal, North Macedonia within 12 months.
  • To increase social inclusion through sports activities of at least 100 persons with visual disabilities from Romania, Poland, Portugal, Hungary, North Macedonia within 12 months.
  • Creating a sports activities GuideBook for the visually impaired that can be multiplied by any other organization or initiative group.

     The innovation of the SportSense project comes with the desire to provide the best target group for the project. The actions that bring innovation to the project are divided into two.


     The guidebook will be a book that has the role of informing, inspires the legion. Through the book, we want to offer readers a method through which they can learn from our experience and adapt to them. The book will contain information about the project, working methods with the blind, sports activities that can be adapted to the visually impaired, how can these activities be adapted, what materials are needed, what are the rules of the game, what are the safety rules. In a general summary, the book will be a complete guide for the reader and will guide him on this step by step how to plan and implement a sporting event for the visually impaired.

     Through the Guidebook, we want to facilitate the process of designing sports activities for the blind and to provide a source of information to all those who have the initiative to start a local sporting event for people with visual disabilities, without necessarily having the expertise. required. We want this guide to reach out to youth workers and organizations around the world so we can help them and support them with relevant information in the process of implementing the sports event for the blind.


     We must not forget about the target group, the visually impaired. As you know, they do not have the ability to read, and to facilitate the information process among the blind, the book will be transformed into audio format. The audio version will be recorded by the volunteers of the partner organizations and will be structured into chapters so as to facilitate the listening process.