FAJUB – Federation of Youth Associations of Braga is an organization that politically represents the youth associations of the District of Braga both locally, nationally and internationally. FAJUB’s main position is to represent the youth associations of Braga in the meetings of the Municipal and National Councils and to defend the interests between the public and political powers of the youth associations movement. This position allows active participation in the definition of youth policies, in general, and the youth associative movement.

The FAJUB’s activity plan includes the development of meetings, training and sport events for member associations, encouraging the sharing of good work practices, the use of non-formal education for the development of young people’s skills and the construction of an active, tolerant and supportive community.

FAJUB intends to highlight the importance of the role of associations in the non-formal education of young people from Braga to develop the youth movement in the region.