North Macedonia

    A group of young experienced members of Veles mountain clubs, finding themselves unable to realize their ideas, goals, motives, desires for improvement of their knowledge and skills, as well as the desire to participate in a larger number of actions and maintain information Citizens and students gatherings and lectures, decide to leave their home clubs and form the Azot Mountain Sports Club.

     With the formation of the new club, ie with the membership of the club, each member has the right to express and implement his ideas if they are in accordance with the Statute of the association. He has the right to improve his knowledge and skills, participate in a large number of actions, and has the task of promoting mountaineering. All activities, especially all light tours are filled with promotions and lectures by the members of the club with one goal: to gather as many citizens as possible and to recruit and recruit new young staff.

     To train them with mountain knowledge and skills and to create habits to spend their free time in nature, especially in the mountains, since mountaineering is a form of active recreation and recreation through which builds and forms a healthy, strong, and noble member of our community.

     The members of the review are in a strong spirit of solidarity and learning. Training and publishing of local communities and community for possible opportunities and opportunities for the purpose, but before you offer our mission.

     Our main area of interest is physical activity that is used as a tool to promote health, well-being, and a healthy lifestyle. We strongly believe that a healthier and more cohesive society can be created through sport.

     Sport is a useful educational tool for community building, integration, acceptance, promotion of human rights, and equality. In our opinion, hiking, outdoor activities, sports and education are inextricably linked and find their strongest link in non-formal education.